Find extra money for super

If you believe you have no extra money to tip into your super, think again!

Find extra money for super

Struggling to add to your super?

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Make it happen

You can see that making small changes to your everyday spending can help you find a little extra each week to put into your super. Even small amounts now can add up over time and give you more money when you retire.

You can either make regular payments or a one-off payment.

Do it regularly

One way to put a bit extra in your super each pay day is to set up a salary sacrifice arrangement with your employer.

Do it once

Or you can make a one-off payment directly into your super account. You should be aware there are limits and rules that apply to contributions that you make.

Get advice

Before making any financial decisions, we recommend you seek financial advice making additional contributions to super, including the benefits, things to consider and limits on how much you can put in.

If you’re a Cbus member visit our website to find out more about putting extra into your super or call us on 1300 361 784


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